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We continue with the on-going story, entitled "One Dream - One Day" written by Tara Sun. In the Chapter 4 we find out more about the secret admirer.

I know I'm Fat

Why do people remind me of that?
I see my reflection daily in a mirror
I hear the whispers behind my back
The snobs all in a pack

So quick to judge, "Look at her so lazy and fat"
I would never be with someone so fat..
I feel the tears I don't want to cry
All I ask is why? Inside I want to die.

I take a deep breath and walk up to them
I say, "You think your better being slim?"
You will answer to him in the end..

They look at me as if I'm a freak, As my mouth begins to speak..

What do you feel when you look at my size?
They all stood still, even looked a little ill.

As I spoke the words. I am loved.
A persons body will not be judged by the Lord above.

Have fun with all your fat puns.I'm happy with me why can't you see? Before you belittle me?

Do I say to you? Your ugly what can you do about that? I may be fat and i can diet and loose the fat.

I choose to be me don't you see? I'm happy with me. Can all of you say that?

Next time you criticize fat. Look in your mirror and ask why am I like that?

Sondra Kerman -SSBBW

Book Review
Orbit - John J. Nance

The year is 2009. For Kip Dawson, winning a passenger seat on American Space Adventureís first commercial spaceflight is a dream come true. One grand shot of insanity and he can return to earth fulfilled. Itís a bittersweet moment of triumph, however, muted by his wifeís terror over his accepting the prize. The day of the launch, Kip tries to reconcile his wifeís and daughtersí fears and even tries calling his estranged son, to no avail. He sets off, vowing to make amends upon his return. But a successful launch quickly morphs into chaos when a micrometeor punches through the wall of the spacecraft, leaving the radios as dead as the pilot. In the blink of an eye, Kip Dawson is truly alone and has no way of navigating the ship home. With nothing to do but wait for his fate, Kip writes his epitaph on the shipís laptop computer, unaware that an audience of millions has discovered it and is tracking his every word on the Internet. As a massive struggle gets under way to rescue him, Kip has no idea that the world can hear his cries - or that his heroism in the face of death may sabotage his best chance of survival.

This is the first book I've read of this author and I have to say I was captivated from the first page. I couldn't put the book down. The book makes you look deeply into how you live your life and treat other people. A must read.


I was at the age of yearning, wanting what every preteen wants,
To attract the eye of some hot guy, romance my dream haunts,

I wanted to be beautiful, to attract the passing eyes,
To be envied by all other girls, and lusted for by guys,

But that wasnít the way life dealt my hand, it wasnít meant to be,
The eye catching beauties, seemed to be everyone but me,

As I ventured into womanhood, looking forward to the change,
My rounding breast, and curving hips, seemed just a little strange,

They started out all right I guess, just the way that they should be,
But kept right on progressing, way too much as I could see,

So instead of being wanted, I became the classroom joke,
I was laughed at and ridiculed, until my spirit broke,

I wanted to be invisible, so I didnít have to see,
All the looks that were aimed my way, fired directly toward me.

Why did they seem to hate me so," was it something that I did",
So I gained a little weight "my god", Iím just a little kid,

None of my friends would hang with me, "were they really that afraid,"
That in their quest of popularity, theyíd get a failing grade,

So I went through school a cast out, at lunch I sat alone,
How I longed to be in high school, ďif only I had known",

They were the worst four years of my life, "'it'll never get better I thought",
Until one day I finally found what my hearts always sought,

It happened one night in mid. July, sitting at home alone
I heard a chat line announcement on TV, and picked up my phone,

"What the hell I thought" it couldnít hurt, maybe it'll be fun,
I started talking to all these guys, was ridiculed by none,

This went on for quite some time, blind friendships with no chance,
They could never see me, we'd never meet, the future, no advance.

No more phone calls, no more lies, this had to be the last,
And then a voice came across the lines and hit me like a blast,

My name is Sid and what is yours, do you think that we could chat,
I took a chance," sure I saidĒ, if you donít mind that I'm fat,

He said it made no difference, thatís the way he like them best,
So I thought id see how honest he was, and put him to the test,

We talked and talked for hours almost 10 to be precise,
We decided to meet the next day, I knew id pay the price,

But I was wrong, I took that chance, my soul mate I did meet,
My husband now of 10 long years, a love we could not beat,

So if you think there is no chance, no way to live your life,
I thought that too, but look at me Iím a happy loving wife.

Patti Nuttall -SSBBW

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