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As SSBBWs, we live in a world built for smaller people. Each day we face challenges to fit in, or even to just fit. While education and information are powerful tools, our best resource is each other. Let us know your tips or rants about this subject at

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Itís All in the Small Victories!

Letís face it hate exercise programs just as much as me. As a SSBBW, skinny chicks or buff guys telling me to stretch and bend really bugs me. They donít seem to understand that on my best day I would never finish their tape. Heck, I have had workout videos that I couldnít even get through the warm up. The one and only exception to my hatred of the exercise industry is my deep affinity for Richard Simmons. Yes, I admit it. Fuzzy hair and striped shorts aside, he at least made workout tapes that I could attempt and that would not inspire cardiac infarction in people bigger than a size 12. This is my shout out to you Richard! I love ya!

So one day I said screw the impossible video tapes and decided to do exercise my way. I like to call it the small victory system. As someone who was way out of shape and had a strong aversion to (and by that I mean never) exercise, I decided to take it literally one step at a time. I started small. My first decision was to walk the length of my apartment and back. Yes, it was a small goal, but it was a goal!. I started at my front door, walked down the hall, through the living room and the length of my daughterís bedroom. I know it sounds basic, but yeah, I was that out of shape. One day I tried and I did it!!! Yeah me! I thought to myself, ďSee, you can do this!Ē. In a few days I was walking it like it was nothing and I decided to try something new.

My next step was to park a few spaces farther away in my apartment complex instead of directly in front of the building. We didnít have assigned parking, but all the tenants kinda knew who parked where. I spoke with my neighbor and asked if we could swap spots. She was thrilled to get a closer spot. The first time I walked out of my building after the swap, it seemed like I had parked in the outback...but it turned out it was actually not that much farther than the length of my apt, so I did it pretty easily. Another small victory!!!

I continued to find new and interesting, but not overwhelming, ways of working in those few extra steps. A good example is my trip to the grocery store. I used to shop everyday-but just go down whatever aisles I needed and left. I changed to a once-a-week, going up and down every aisle shopper. Even if I didnít need anything in that aisle, I would walk it anyway. This later led to my Ďwalk every aisle-then turn around and shop backí step. You donít notice how much walking you are doing because you are surrounded by stuff to look at. By the time you get to the end, the full cart also gives you some resistance. The best part is you get the extra steps in and get a second chance to pick up the things you forgot to add to your list.

I continue to this very day to work on my exercise goals this way. All those small victories lead me to set bigger goals. While I am still not close to workout tape shape, I am in better shape and feeling good. You can do it too gals! Opportunities are all around us to get in our exercise. Donít go crazy...start with a small goal and go from there. Itís not what you do, itís that you do something!!! You too will relish in the small victories!

Written by: Michelle Stevens

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"A few days ago I walked along the edge of the lake and was treated to the crunch and rustle of leaves with each step I made. The acoustics of this season are different and all sounds, no matter how hushed, are as crisp as autumn air."
~Eric Sloane

"As long as there are tests, there will be prayer in schools."
~Author Unknown

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"I am an FA, and lover of all women who are bbw's and ssbbw's. I live in Jackson Tennessee, and am looking to meet these exceptional women. In the past I have dated women of all sizes but I am currently divorced, and have decided that the only women I wll date from this point forward are these exceptional and oh so sexy super sized & plus sized ladies. I am firmly convinced from among theses ladies, will come my life partner, plus there is nothing like snuggling up to a gal who has extra meat on her bones and feeling that warm soft person who is there next to you especially on a cold winters night. Just hoping to meet Miss Right. Thanks for listening,

Confirmed FA, SSBBW & BBW lover forever!!!!!!"

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