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What is is like being an FA in today's society. What are the joys of living/being with an SSBBW. Are there drawbacks? Let us know at

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SSBBW Magazine: How long have you been an FA?

FA: I've been a FA all of my life. Starting from my early teenage years I've only been attracted to fat women.

SSBBW Magazine: Have you always been open with family/friends about being attracted to large women or did you try to hide it?

FA: In my teenage years I was not as open to certain people about being attracted to fat women, because I was afraid of and knew what the reaction would be. I had a very special friend who was fat and she knew how I felt, but my parents did not allow me to have girlfriends until I graduated from high school. But even as just being best friends, I got a lot of flack and teasing from my friends. I did not care about what my friends thought, but I was more worried about how my family would react. In my later teenage years, as I matured I embraced my desire for women of size and was open about it.

SSBBW Magazine: What attracts you to ssbbw?

FA: I just love the size; it gives the body a chubby plump look that is so incredibly sexy. I love a soft big body that I can lean against, with out feeling like I'm going to crush that person. And I don't like to see or feel bones when I'm holding, caressing or being intimate. I just love the softness and sponginess of the plus size body in my arms and under my finger tips. It heightens my sense of touch and desire to explore her entire body passionately. The warmth and body heat of a ssbbw triggers such an intense arousing exploding sensation, especially when certain parts of my body are exposed to that warmth.

SSBBW Magazine: What is your ideal woman?

FA: My ideal woman is a lady of size who believes in God. A ssbbw who is truly secure with her weight, loving, caring, down to earth, likes sports and loves to enjoy life.

SSBBW Magazine: What are the joys of being with an ssbbw?

FA: One of the joys of being with a ssbbw is their love for laughter. When they are in their comfort zone, they are filled with a lot of fun and laughter. Another joy of being what a ssbbw is their love and enjoyment of food. Taste is one of the senses that God gave us, and there is definitely joy and pleasure in food. And I love to eat. Not to be stereotypical, but it has been my experience that ssbbw are very loving, kind, compassionate and very supportive. They have been through so much because of their weight, and they try not to treat their love one in the negative way that they have been treated. They love from the depths of their hearts and it's a joy and a blessing when someone loves you that much. Best of all they are not as judgmental as other types of women and it's a joy to be loved for who you are, in spite of your flaws. And oh what sweet joy, when it comes to romance and intimacy with a ssbbw. I'm talking all night until the break of dawn, need I say more? SSBBWs put the "s" in sexy and the "rouse" in arousal. .

SSBBW Magazine: What are the drawbacks?

FA: As much as I love women of size, I have to admit that weight has its problems. And my heart breaks each time I see the one that I love go through these drawbacks. It's a struggle to find decent looking clothes, especially for a younger ssbbw. And when you finally find clothes that fit, it's for a more mature person. The steers, the looks, the comments and the facial expressions never stop. When you love someone, it hurts you when other says and do negative things. A lot of places don't have the facilities to accommodate ssbbws, so you are restricted to where you can go and what you can do. Even in the hospitals, the equipments, gowns and scales are not designed to accommodate ssbbws. These drawbacks becomes much more painful when you have kids.

SSBBW Magazine: If your woman wanted to have weight loss surgery would you support her? Stay with her?

FA: I've actually been in this situation. Even though in my hearts of hearts I love and adore big women, when my wife told me she wanted to get a weight loss surgery, in my heart I did not want her to. But I never once tried to discourage her. I supported her 200%, took her to all of her appointments and even attended the support groups with her. And yes, I stayed with her and still am. It is very hard on me, because I love the size. But I love her so very much and want the best for her. We all know that weight has its problems and losing the weight is definitely a good thing to do and is so beneficial. After having the surgery, my wife when from a 6X to 3X. Losing the weight has changed her life and she is so much happier. And it makes me ecstatic that she is happy. It's difficult for me to adapt to the change in her size, but my love for her transcends beyond the physical. The sex is still awesome. A lot of people don't realize that love is not sex. Love is so much more than just sex. Love is friendship, commitment, kindness, longsuffering, patient, gentleness and unselfish. I have to support the one I love.

SSBBW Magazine: If your woman was unable to leave the house or needed constant care and help because of her size, would you be there for her?

FA: Yes, most definitely I'll be there for her and take care of her. But at the same time she must also realize that things are going to be difficult for me and she must do her part, as my life partner, to improve herself if she can. This type of situation is not unique to size. There are so many things that can go wrong with the human body. What if you got paralyzed? Or had muscular dystrophy? Or got blinded? If you love someone you don't just abandon them if they get sick or if some life altering event happens.

SSBBW Magazine: Is there such a thing too big?

FA: Yes, I believe there is such a thing as too big. Just like I believe there is such a thing as too thin. We have an obligation to ourselves to take care of our bodies. The body can take a lot, but there is a limit to what it can take. Weight has it problems, there is no denying that. The more weight you put on the worst the problems become. The more weight you gain, your quality of life is negatively affected. More difficult to fit in the car. More difficult to find clothes. More difficult to stand and move around. More difficult to sleep and breathe comfortably. More difficult to hold, lift and play with the kid. When the weight begins to get to the point were your body and health are critically and dangerously being affected, that too big. Buy the time my son was born, my wife had put on a lot of weight and I loved it. However, a lot of times when she slept, her breathing would stop and then kick back in. I’m a light sleeper, do you know what that put me through every time it happened. The body let you know when enough is enough.

SSBBW Magazine: What would you like to say to all the SSBBWs reading this?

FA: I have nothing but love, admiration and respect for you all. You are all beautiful, attractive and fantastic women. Love yourself, love your bodies and believe in yourself. Do what you can to be healthier and fitter. But don't become obsess with loosing weight, but just make a conscious effort to eat healthier and get more exercise, even if it is just grabbing a can of milk and doing a few reps with each arm. And don't let anyone, especially men, use you just for sex or take advantage of you. Love yourself more than anyone else, be proud of you and demand respect.

SSBBW Magazine: What would you like to say to all the FAs reading this?

FA: FAs its time to stop admiring and start loving, caring and committing to these beautiful, big, sexy women. Be honest and don’t play games with them. Don't abuse them and don't use or mistreat them. Be a true Fat Lover (FL), love, honor and cherish your SSBBW.

SSBBW Magazine: What would you like to say to those just reading this out of curiosity about the SSBBW / FA community?

FA: SSBBW and FA are regular people like anyone other human being. Don't prejudge or discriminate against us based on our size or preference. Get to know us first, before you cast judgment and make stereotypes. You'll find that we are some of the nicest people in the world.

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