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Profiling SSBBWs and their views, thoughts and issues

To help inspire those SSBBWs who haven't yet gotten that they are wonderful, caring, sexy, special people. Someone who is accepting of themselves, who is happy (either alone or with a loving mate), perhaps someone who works or does good things for the community. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do. There is so much negativity on the net towards SSBBWs that we want to show the good side. If you know someone who fits this bill or feel you do and want to get profiled, let us know at

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April 2007 - Our SSBBW was Nikki, a 30 year old single mom from Michigan

SSBBW Magazine: What is your current weight?

Nikki: 305 pounds

SSBBW Magazine: What body shape would you say you are?

Nikki: Wide Figure 8??? hehe

SSBBW Magazine: Have you always been an SSBBW?

Nikki: No

SSBBW Magazine: Tell us abit about your weight history.

Nikki: I was thin until my first pregnancy, then gained over 200 lbs. Dropped to 225, decided to stop starving myself, went back up to 275 and stayed steady. Got pregnant, had car accident during pregnancy, had daughter 10 weeks early, weight peaked at over 450, started losing about 18 months after her birth, down steady between 295 and 310, depending on the weather.
I lost the weight through a good diet and low impact exercise.

SSBBW Magazine: Why would you be an inspiration to other SSBBWs?

Nikki: Because regardless of the abuse I suffered as a child, and the absolute nothing that I had to work with, I have made a life for myself. I have always valued myself, whether I was thin, or when I was 450+ lbs. I wanted to lose weight, and I chose to do so, because I wanted to, not because of what other people wanted. I've not let anyone hold me back with their stereotypes or judgements, but have forged ahead, both as a professional and as woman.

SSBBW Magazine: What are the joys of being an ssbbw?

Nikki: I love my curves, and my strength. I'll not break or bend in the worst situations. I love the softness of me, the huggable and cuddleable quality that makes it that much nicer to hold on to, the feeling of safety and support that I can give to others because of that build. I like being able to splurge every so often in what I eat too, and not having to watch my waist line. hehe. And need I say BOOBIES??!!! (only half joking).

SSBBW Magazine: What are the drawbacks?

Nikki: I would like to run without risking a black eye. I have to go to specialty stores or specific online places to dress nicely. I have to be careful in the types of furniture and such that I select because you want to make sure that it will hold up. Chairs with arms are the bane of my existance. Ignorant people can make life a it difficult too.

SSBBW Magazine: What is it like being an SSBBW in today's society?

Nikki: There are drawback in terms of the stigma some attach to being big. But I think for one's own good you have to have a well developed sense of humor and thicker skin to deal with it, as well as a support system. Also, many places, restaurants, airplanes, buses, entertainment venues, aren't always fat accessable, so you have to look ahead before you go or risk bruising or worse. Seating options and aisleways are the main concern.

SSBBW Magazine: How would you like to change society's view of SSBBW?

Nikki: We are not all unhealthy. True, we are big, we are fat, we have fat, so on and so forth. We know this, we aren't that obtuse as to be in denial, but it doesn't make us less of a person. Our illnesses are not brought about by just being 'obese'. Yes, there are health concerns that are more prevelant in the SSBBW community then others, but that is NOT the only reason. I would like for society to see us more as human beings, not 'things' or 'novelties' or 'freaks'. We are capable of being productive citizens, parents, business owners, anything that we want to be.

SSBBW Magazine: What do people/companies serving the public need to do to accommodate ssbbws?

Nikki: Armless chairs, adjustable booths, wider steps, stronger handrails, more ssbbw friendly vehicles would be nice too. Turnstyles should stop being used.

SSBBW Magazine: Can you recommend such people/services who do?

Nikki: There are a few on a local level, and I have noticed more restaurants are offering alternative seating to booths. Many movie theaters are being built with bigger seating as well.

SSBBW Magazine: Do you follow any exercise or healthy eating regimes? If so, what are they?

Nikki: Yes I do. I limit the amount of sweets I take in, have greatly reduced my pasta and bread intake and replaced them with rice and other whole grains. I go organic as often as I can, and make sure that the meats I use are lean, or trim the fat as much as I can. I very rarely fry, do a lot of baking and grilling/rotisserie cooking, to reduce the fat intake as well. Rely on spices and natural flavors instead of additives. I chose this to make my whole family healthy, not just myself. Key thing is moderation, and not skipping meals, but having 3 meals aday, even if they are small, to make your body work as it should.

SSBBW Magazine: If you could wave a magic wand and be 130 lbs, would you?

Nikki: No way.

SSBBW Magazine: Do you have a favorite overweight actor/actress?

Nikki: Strangely enough, I think Chris Farley could be an inspiration. Being big didn't stop him from being talented and making a career with that talent. Cameron Maneheim and Oprah too.

SSBBW Magazine: What would you like to say to all the SSBBWs reading this?

Nikki: Believe in yourself!!!! Don't let the jerks of the world control your actions. You can't have values in others if you don't have value in yourself!

SSBBW Magazine: What would you like to say to those just reading this out of curiosity about the SSBBW / FA community?

Nikki: We are people, just like you. We have heart, a soul, feelings. We see past the crap that many people take for granted, because we look deep within to find the value. We can be the best of friends, passionate and dedicated mates, most understanding but tough bosses. Take a second to talk to us, and get to know us. You will probably like us.

SSBBW Magazine: Thank you Nikki

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