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"I like to be the old fashioned gentleman. Nowadays, it is hard, though - because few women take it for what it is! But, with an SSBBW, it is almost granted - because she gets so much value from those small gestures that she generally will let them happen!" ~ Mogens (BC, Canada) [FA]


Profiling SSBBWs and their views, thoughts and issues

To help inspire those SSBBWs who haven't yet gotten that they are wonderful, caring, sexy, special people. Someone who is accepting of themselves, who is happy (either alone or with a loving mate), perhaps someone who works or does good things for the community. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do. There is so much negativity on the net towards SSBBWs that we want to show the good side. If you know someone who fits this bill or feel you do and want to get profiled, let us know at

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September 2009 - We profiled Sally, a 30 year old from The Dalles, Oregon

SSBBW Magazine: What is your current weight?

SSBBW: 428 lbs

SSBBW Magazine: What body shape would you say you are?

SSBBW: Apple

SSBBW Magazine: Have you always been an SSBBW?

SSBBW: I used to be toothpick thin until about age 9, when i started gaining weight, an average of 15-20 lbs per year... everyone said that I needed to diet and eat better, but honestly, we never had junk food in the house, we never ate out... it wasn't until 2001 that i was diagnosed with PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome, which we pinpointed as to part of the reason for all of the weight gain.  I Have continually gained weight all of my life.  I recently gained 21 lbs in approx. 3 months, which actually put me over the edge and causing back pain and knee pain when walking very much.  The most weight I ever lost was probably when I was pregnant and as I gained baby, I maintained my weight (hence, losing my own body fat) and 3 weeks after delivery, I was 37 lbs less than when I was pregnant.  (Gained a total of 11 while pregnant).  I currently eat out daily ... lots of fast food.  I dont do any exercise beyond normal daily tasks.

SSBBW Magazine: Why would you be an inspiration to other SSBBWs?

SSBBW: As I may not be the happiest at my current weight, because of pain in my back and knees.... I am very confident in WHO i am, What I am, and How I am.  I obviously have not changed my appearance in 20+ years... I better have learned to be happy with myself or I will not have a very good life.  I feel beautiful on the inside which causes me to glow on the outside.  I am very accepting of my weight.  And I want every plus size, bbw, ssbbw to feel BEAUTIFUL.  I show them that it is OK to be who "we" are.  Some have slowly come out of their shell.  I would like to think that I have been some part of their inspiration to venture out of their norm :)

SSBBW Magazine: What are the joys of being an ssbbw?

SSBBW: I am different than most people.  I get alot of attention.  I would have to say personality has alot to do with the attention I get, but its a crude world out there.   If you are not happy about how you look, everyone else can see and feel that.   I love to brag that my chest and bottom are larger than most  who are NOT ssbbw :) GREAT benefit :)  My bubbly and cheerful attitude fits right in with my bubbly body :)

SSBBW Magazine: What are the drawbacks?

SSBBW: Health issues.  It took me all the way to 428 lbs to start with the back and knee problems.  The difficulty to even go shopping.  In the heat, my legs and feet swell up.  And the saddest is that its hard for me to keep up with my 4 yr old son, as I am a single mother and his father is not really in the picture... I have to do it all. (I do get help from friends and family at times) But the regular day to day tasks get hard. 

SSBBW Magazine: What is it like being an SSBBW in today's society?

SSBBW: People can be crude, but as I mentioned above, its almost how you view yourself and how you feel  about yourself as to how others are going to react.  I rarely get rude comments.  If anything I get hoots and hollars and whistles and smiles.  I think that it is a "growing" world (heavier people) and eventually, those who once laughed and made nasty jokes about "fat", are going to have a visit from karma, right around their waist band :)

SSBBW Magazine: How would you like to change society's view of SSBBW?

SSBBW: I would like everyone to realize that we were all brought on this earth to be different.  But I want all of us who are ssbbw to realize also, that when crude people in today's society make comments and judge us, that they are obviously upset about something in their own lives, and they feel they need to release the anger to others.  Society's view of ssbbw's will probably never change a whole lot... so I have adapted to what we have out there only so I dont live miserably myself by the views of other people.

SSBBW Magazine: What do people/companies serving the public need to do to accommodate ssbbws?

SSBBW: More tables with chairs versus booths at restaraunts.  Larger bathroom stalls in public places.  Larger seats in movie theatres or moveable armrests.  More seating around stores (for ppl like me that can barely make the full shopping trip before feeling like my back is going to go out).  Those are a few things that come to mind.

SSBBW Magazine: Do you follow any exercise or healthy eating regimes? If so, what are they?

SSBBW: No, I do not follow nor have I really ever followed any type of exercise or healthy eating plans.  I know I wont stick to it for the rest of my life, so I dont even try.

SSBBW Magazine: If you could wave a magic wand and be 130 lbs, would you?

SSBBW: Yes, I definately would, simply because, I want to be able to move around better and quicker, so I can chase and play with my son.
(for some reason I read the question wrong, i thought it asked if I LOST 130 lbs)
Now to answer the question correctly, NO, I would NOT want to weigh 130 lbs.  180, 190, maybe! Minimum.  I like to have meat on my bones.  I find many men like meat on my bones as well :)  Skinny looks way too unhealthy to me.  Looks almost sick.  But to each their own opinion :) 

SSBBW Magazine: Do you have a favorite overweight actor/actress?

SSBBW: I am actually unfamiliar with actors and actresses, beings I dont watch much tv or movies, however I do think that MiMi off of the Drew Carey show is funny :) And I LOVED the movie Big Mama's House (however it was a skinny guy in a costume lol)

SSBBW Magazine: What would you like to say to all the SSBBWs reading this?

SSBBW: We are all beautiful.. inside and out!!! I am glad that I am finally venturing out to find more of my SSBBW friends, and look forward to chatting with some of you. (or all of you).

SSBBW Magazine: What would you like to say to those just reading this out of curiosity about the SSBBW / FA community?

SSBBW: If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I am an open book. I am willing to answer anything you would like to know.

SSBBW Magazine: Thank you Sally

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