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Chrissy Metz: This is Me

So to see Chrissy Metz play Kate Pearson, a plus-sized woman who struggles with body image issues, has provided viewers especially SSBBW women, with something they can relate to.

When Chrissy Metz initially got the role of Kate Pearson on This Is Us, she was a struggling actress living in California with only 81 cents left in her bank account.

Fast forward to now, and she has been nominated for two Golden Globe awards, and is creating ripples of impact through her character on the show, Kate. Most people in her position passively advocate by virtue of their celebrity, but not Chrissy Metz. She's an active speaker about body positivity and her personal journey towards happiness.

While her character Kate brings weight-centered issues to the screen in an authentic, empowering way for viewers who identify, Metz herself takes the chance when she can to give back by sharing and encouraging people who are now where she, Kate, was.

At a low point, Kate breaks up with her fiance, whom she met in a weight-loss support group, to focus on her diet. At another time, she moves to an unusual weight-loss camp due to desperation and determination. She struggles with the decision to get gastric-bypass surgery. When at work, she is hired by a woman who wants her to bond with her rude, plus-size daughter because they "have something in common."

Metz has a deep connection with her character. The actress told People Magazine about her character's current story direction, and confessed she resonated with Kate's struggles as she shared her own struggles with overeating after Kate had tackled a similar problem in an episode.

'It's one of those things that of course I can relate to because I have those voids with validation from other people or with food or whatever I think is going to make me feel better,' Chrissy told People.

While her character is always looking to shed weight, all the actress, Chrissy Metz, wants is to live a healthy life.

WrapWomen's Power Women Summit and was asked if she felt a pressure to be thinner.

"I think it's more about the behaviour around what you're doing," The actress said. "And it could be social media, gambling, sex, drinking, food-it could be anything, fill in the blank-how is my behaviour around that and how do I want to change that behaviour? Because it's the stinking thinking of obsessing about something. So for me, I'm like, am I eating for my health, or is there something really going on? And whether I lose weight or I don't, I don't really hold on to a number. I don't think that's important, 'cause who's to say what?"

As far as maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Metz makes sure she does a great job always, and scoffs at those who are shocked to learn her cholesterol level is all good and her blood work comes back clear because to them, "It doesn't make sense."

She added that contrary to popular belief or what we are often told about what it looks like to be healthy, it isn't always black or white. "People don't know people's medical history." She said. "So I think there are so many ways and I think it's important for every individual to determine what makes them happy and how to get to that."

Do I want to take care of my body and live a healthy life? Absolutely. But that doesn't mean that I can't do it at an unconventional size." She said.

Being on a hit show like This Is Us has allowed Chrissy to use her platform to speak boldly about body positivity and self-acceptance.

She recently shared a story in an interview with PopSugar about a woman she met on her book tour for This Is Me last year.

"She said that her daughter was suicidal and that myself and this character helped saved her daughter's life," she said. "There are no words. I'm getting emotional talking about it. There are just no words to think that you could help someone save their own life. And that [This Is Us] is so much more than television show and [Kate is] so much more than just a character in a family. The show is teaching people how to deal with life on life's terms."

This month, we leave you with these powerful words Chrissy told a fan who "wished to get hit by a bus rather than deal with the embarrassment horrible people."

Chrissy's response: "Your weight does not define you! People's perceptions are theirs. You are worthy and purposeful, no matter what."

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