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"Fat girls are attractive and fantastic, There are so many things about them that are terrific. Their character is gentle, affectionate and unique. I just love their enchanting bounteous physique!" ~ Phil Moore [FA - Poet]


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Fashion Tips on How to Wear Monochrome

When styled right, monochromatic outfits can be a versatile, chic, effortless and classy way to dress for any occasion.

Monochrome is usually black and white paired together but it can also be varying shades of one color paired together; and this is usually easier than trying to mix colors and patterns.

Just like any other fashion style or color combination, there are rules to follow to ensure you look stylish and look like the best version of yourself.

First things first: Before you decide to choose a monochrome outfit of the day, consider the colour of your skin and how it looks on you, the accessories you own, the occasion and the personality you want to portray.

Now, here are some more helpful tips below:

Combine different textures of fabrics
You can choose to wear different textures of fabric of the same colour. This is a way to create some distinction and accentuate the part of your body you want to. For example, you can combine lace with cotton, or any contrasting fabric to create this look. Consider using different fabrics if you want to look interesting.

Bold Colours
Wearing bold colours is daring and communicates that you are a self-assured woman. But it can also look a little over the top if it not managed well. Be mindful of the occasion and be ready to attract a lot of attention.

Universal Black
Black is a universal colour. No matter your skin colour a black monochrome will always be perfect. A black monochrome is perfect for any event depending on the style of outfit. When in doubt, wear black.

Earth tone Colours
Earth tone colours are derived from natural things around us. They are usually warm, friendly and gentle. Adorn a monochrome outfit of earthen colours to any event to create a subtle yet powerful look.

Contrast shades of the same hue.
Often times, combining different shades of the same colour has a way of giving a chic look. It creates a progressive look of the colour, from a darker to a lighter shade or vice versa.

With these tips in mind, wearing a monochromatic outfit of your favourite colour is easier and less stressful. So, get into your closet, pick an outfit of your favourite colour and create a cool monochromatic look.

Here’s one more perk: Monochromatic outfits also gives you a taller and slimmer look.

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Fat Positive Blogs

Blogs are a wonderful source of information. I have found them to be a useful Fat resource, especially when it comes to body positivity and fatshion. It is so helpful to see what clothes look like on bodies that are shaped like ours. It is also helpful to know that there are others out there who have the same life struggles that we have. You might get a different perspective on how to deal with things, based on the experiences of others.

I recently joined a group of plus size bloggers. We are taking one fashion topic a month and doing a blog hop. Our first topic was leggings. We all did a blog about it, linked our blogs, and published them at the same time. It is so great to see the many different ways an item can be worn on a fat person, from smaller plus to super plus.

Here is a link to my blog. In it, you will find the links to all the other blogs.

Here is a list of some fat positive blogs that might help you on your journey:

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