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Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Fall is upon us and if you're anything like me you are in your element. Leaves falling, cool temperatures, cute boots and sweaters, and pumpkin spice are everywhere. And the countdown to the very best holiday, Halloween, is on. I'll admit it; I'm a Halloween freak. I live for spooky stories, horror movies, jack o' lanterns, and costumes. But as a plus size woman it is admittedly very hard to find an attractive Halloween costume that is well made and actually fits. But I've done the research for you and found the five best places to get a plus size Halloween costume.

1. is the place to go if you're looking for a sexy costume this Halloween. With sizes going up to 6X and costumes ranging from Wonder Woman to Morticia Adams, has a costume for you.
This size has a huge variety, and sizes ranging up to 7X. Girly, sexy, horror, superheroes, and everything in between, is almost guaranteed to have the costume for you. The site also has costume accessories, wigs, and makeup, making it a one stop shop for all your Halloween needs.
This is the site for a true Halloween nerd, or even someone very into cosplay. will tailor make your costume to order and allows you to customize your costume as you wish. The shop will make any costume you order in any size up to 8X. The shop also operates on and under the same name, allowing customers to order from them with ease and convenience.
4. is a clothing website devoted strictly to plus size and supersize women. In addition to a wide variety of regular clothing they have an amazing range of affordable Halloween costumes as well, with sizing up to 9X. Sexy, sporty, witchy, or fairytale, has something for everyone.
Don't let the name intimidate you, boasts a huge selection of exactly that, but also carries a large assortment of costumes sizing up to 6X. While a lot of these costumes are undeniable sexy, there are several cute and Disney inspired ones as well so you should have no trouble finding a costume you love!

Submitted by: Alanna

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Fat Positive Blogs

Blogs are a wonderful source of information. I have found them to be a useful Fat resource, especially when it comes to body positivity and fatshion. It is so helpful to see what clothes look like on bodies that are shaped like ours. It is also helpful to know that there are others out there who have the same life struggles that we have. You might get a different perspective on how to deal with things, based on the experiences of others.

I recently joined a group of plus size bloggers. We are taking one fashion topic a month and doing a blog hop. Our first topic was leggings. We all did a blog about it, linked our blogs, and published them at the same time. It is so great to see the many different ways an item can be worn on a fat person, from smaller plus to super plus.

Here is a link to my blog. In it, you will find the links to all the other blogs.

Here is a list of some fat positive blogs that might help you on your journey:

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